Halloween surprise box,UPIKIT


Halloween surprise box

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Happy Halloween, trick or treat!

Magical Halloween is now on stage!

Take us to start the amazing journey.

🔮 Materials needed🔮 

Craft Papers x lots of colors

Many kinds’ decorative stickers

Styrofoam glue

Foam tape



Let's cut the spider's home together~~The spider web


Prepare a square black colored paper, and fold it diagonally 3 times.

As follow the image 2, cut the upper triangle off

And cut several rectangles toward the folded edge,

When you open it, it’s a spider web!!

Please cut out those templates carefully.

Pumpkin body-(A) folded the paper template and pasted it~ then use black paper to cut out the pumpkin smile and paste on it.

Halloween hat-(C) Roll up the template and stick it. then stick the template B with the front edge together.

Pattern bow-(D1) Fold both sides to the center, use (D2) to fold and glue in the center, and then fold it together with (D3)

Then prepare a box template

Use many stickers and small cut pattern to decorate the top of the box

Easy and special box are ready!