Sweet, Colorful and FUN!Surprise in! Ice cream cone,UPIKIT

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Sweet, Colorful and FUN!Surprise in! Ice cream cone

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Sweet, Colorful and FUN! 

Surprise in Ice cream cone!


It’s summer time! What came to your mind first?

Ice cream cone!

It's a cool moment only belong to summer.

Sweet color with different layers brings delicate texture.

Cool visual experience.

It’s not only comfort your eyes, but also in your heart when hold it in your hand.

Let’s make some “cool” summer experience together!




? Materials needed?


Craft Papers x lots of colors

Many kinds’ decorative stickers

Styrofoam glue

Wooden sticks

Villous balls






?MIX your Own sweet color?

Please cut out those templates carefully.

 Templates (A)-19cm x 25cm

Templates (B)-42cm x 8cm

Templates (C)-42cm x 8cm

Templates (D)-20cm x35 cm

Templates (E)-12cm



Templates (A)Roll up and stick together

Fold up the front edge, as a sticking position for ice cream.




Templates(B)and(C)Roll up and stick together too.

Then Templates(A)(B)(C)stick together


Templates(D)(E)Roll up and stick together first.

Pay attention here: Templates(E)need to hold it until the Styrofoam glue become dry

Templates(D)(E)stick together

⭐use Wooden sticks, villous balls and decorative stickers to make your ice cream more unique! ⭐


We got own sweet and special Ice cream box!