Warming friend Kitten Box,UPIKIT

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Warming friend Kitten Box

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Warming friend Kitten Box


Love and happiness are everything about home

Household DIY items are good friends accompanying you


?Let’s move on to DIY our beautiful life?



?Materials required?


Multi-color cardstocks, corrugated cardboards, glue used on Styrofoam, knife, scissor


?A warm heart?



♥Let’s cut these cute stuff by scissor♥


(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)First glue together with corrugated cardboards and then cut them by scissors

Mould (e)(c)(d) and (a), please glue firmly, make sure every piece is glued tightly?


First glue the futures on the cat’s face, the glue it together with above work! Here you go! ? ?