Warming friend Kitten Box,UPIKIT


Warming friend Kitten Box

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Warming friend Kitten Box


Love and happiness are everything about home

Household DIY items are good friends accompanying you


🌼Let’s move on to DIY our beautiful life🌼



🔔Materials required🔔


Multi-color cardstocks, corrugated cardboards, glue used on Styrofoam, knife, scissor


💗A warm heart💗



♥Let’s cut these cute stuff by scissor♥


(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)First glue together with corrugated cardboards and then cut them by scissors

Mould (e)(c)(d) and (a), please glue firmly, make sure every piece is glued tightly🎵


First glue the futures on the cat’s face, the glue it together with above work! Here you go! 😍 😍