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Give you my Heart! Birthday Cakebox.

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Give you my Heart!  Birthday Cakebox.

Every beautiful moment is worth it to be preserved.

Keep every second of memories in a box.

Keep every story in your heart.

Hope you will be surprised and touched every time when you open it.



?Materials needed?

Craft Papers x lots of colors

Glitter papers x lots of colors

Decorative stickers

Styrofoam gluedouble-sided gluefoam-pads

Knifescissorhole punch


?And most important is “Your heart”?




Please use love, patience to cut out those templates carefully.





Fold the end of the candle template and glue it together,


Keep the sticking position on the front for our candlelight.




(d) Template sticks on some decorative paper.

Rolled (c) Template into a cylindrical shape, fold the end and glue it on the (d) template.

Rolled (a) Template into a cylindrical shape, fold the end and put it on the (b) template then draw a circle.


Cut out the circle, stick it with a template then we got a cover for our cake!




Fold the oval shape paper in half, stick three pieces together, we need lots of it.


Put around the bottom of the cake, its turn out to be a full circle of embellishments.




Use hole punch to punch lots of dots on the sticker.


Now! We can decorate the cake!