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?Materials needed?

Papers x 6 colors

Stickers in stars, numbers and all kinds of stuff you’d like to put on

Styrofoamdouble-sided gluefoam-pads

Knifescissorhole punch

?A warm heart?

⚇Please treat them with love and patience ?Cut these stuff carefully

Teapot pattern folded up to fit



Mug pattern fold up fit




(d) Fold the edge of the template and glue it (c) Template



(e) The template is first rolled and bonded to make it the center of the pillar. The

lower end of the pillar passes through (a) The template, and the end edge is folded and bonded

(b) The edge of the template is folded and bonded (a) The template

(a) (b) The assembly is inserted into the pillar Go up, please don't stick this place!! This way the coffee cup can be rotated so that it can be turned!!


Cut a beautiful piece of paper at the blue star and use it as a teapot tray,

then glue the teapot and coffee cup together

F) The fence is glued to the red plate, and the

beautiful decorative stickers are taken out as usual