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Ferris wheel

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Required materials 

    6 color sheets of craft papers or more

    4 sheets of A4 foam boards (Thickness - 5mm)

    One wooden sticks (Length - around 50 cm  Thickness – 5mm)

   Deco stickers with different looks, such as, star, number, heart, etc.


   Art craft scissors, utility knife, scissors, hole punch


The turntable (1) and the stand (2) are glued to the foam board with craft paper

Use a utility knife to cut a shape

Use a foam board to cut 3 parts to be the bottom plate (3) and enhance the stability of the base. 


Please pay attention to the circle size of decorative papers (4) (5). 


Choose different colors of the small carts on the ferris wheel. It will be looks more fancy.

Decorate the cart with various stickers before assembly


Cut the wooden stick into 9 small sections.

The roll is covered with double-sided adhesive sticker with craft paper. ?



The perforated parts are connected to the wooden stick and the cart respectively.

6cm - sticks are used to be the middle connection stand.


Please stick three pieces of the bottom plate firmly

Take out your favorite stickers and make your ferry wheel more shiny